Antimicrobial Drugs or Antibiotics Discovery Timeline You Need to Know


Antibiotics Discovery Timeline is a long journey of antibiotic discovery. Antimicrobial drugs or antibiotics are important for treatment of deadly bacterial infections which caused catastrophic pandemics in history of human civilizations and left the scars on human history. After, facing deadly pandemics throughout history scientists discovered that the cause of deadly pandemics were microorganisms they … Read more

Monkeypox Origins and History Unraveled Step-by-Step and Everything You Need to Know About its Strong Ties with Gays

Monkeypox origins and detailed history Monkeypox virus has two types: Clade I and Clade II.Clad I has 10 percent fatality rate but the current outbreak is due to Clade II (Clade IIb). Clade IIb infections are rarely fatal and 99 percent infected people recover from the infection. However, people with weak immunity, pregnant women and … Read more

5 Antimicrobial Classes and Antimicrobial Drugs Becoming Ineffective You Need to Know About and Their Complete Mechanism

antibiotic mechanism

After Antimicrobial drugs or antibiotic (Penicillin was the first drug discovered in 1928) by Alexander Fleming discovery of antibiotics (Penicillin was the first drug discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming), scientists believed that the war against infectious bacteria is over because it attributed to 70 percent decline in deaths due to infectious bacterial infections. With … Read more

7 Things You Need to Know About Latest Monkeypox Outbreak Occurring Globally Among Male Homosexuals or Gays

“On July 2022, The World Health Organization declared monkeypox or mpox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern spreading globally is a “public health emergency of international concern”. Etiology or causative agent Monkeypox or mpox a viral disease caused by “the monkeypox virus” an enveloped double-stranded DNA virus member the genus Orthopoxvirus in the … Read more

Currently Available Antibiotics List: Their Origin and Year of Isolation

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What is an antimicrobial/ antibiotic? Many of people will be familiar with these terms antimicrobial or antibiotic as they may be treated with some antimicrobial or antibiotic when they got sick or developed any bacterial infection. In general terms it is the ability of any substance to kill or inhibit the bacteria but the exact … Read more

What is Antimicrobial Resistance? One of the top 10 Catastrophes

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Key facts Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) requires urgent multi-sectoral actions to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs). Health Emergency World Health Organization has declared that AMR is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity. Financial Crisis Cost of AMR is is significant on the economy due to prolonged illness … Read more