Metamorphosis: An Amazing Journey of Life Cycle of Honeybees

life cycle of honeybees mating flight

What is Metamorphosis? Life cycle of honeybees is a whole process of developmental stages from egg to fully grown honey bee. This phenomenon of developmental stages is called metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a term used in entomology, the study of insects. It is used to describe the process of transformation or development, particularly biological and natural … Read more

Astonishing World of Honeybees: Comprehensive Guide to 13 Species, their Distribution and Life Cycle of Honey Bee


Honey bees, social insects, belong from genus Apis family Apidae, order Hymenoptera. They are among the Aculeata, a subclade of Hymenoptera family including stinging wasps. (International Bee Research Association) How does honey bees evolved? Life cycle of honey bee evolved after the separa­tion of the Americas and Australia from Eurasia or Africa and are predominantly … Read more

3 Recent Advances in Monkeypox Diagnosis and Treatment You Need to Know

“Monkeypox virus can cause an extremely painful infection that lasts for weeks,” said NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. In order to advance in monkeypox diagnosis and treatment research National Institutes of Health (NIH) has made three recent advances which are described as under Scientists Developed Mouse Model to Study Monkeypox Virulence at National Institutes … Read more

What is Monkeypox Virus? 7 Important Steps of Monkeypox Case Management During Outbreak Situation

“On July 2022, The World Health Organization declared monkeypox or mpox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern spreading globally is a “public health emergency of international concern”. What is Monkeypox Virus? or What is Monkeypox Disease? What is monkeypox virus? Monkeypox is an infectious zoonotic disease caused by “the monkey pox virus” an … Read more

How to Prevent Monkeypox Transmission in Domestic settings: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to prevent monkeypox transmission in outbreak scenario when the healthcare system is overburdened and the patient needs to get isolated in home? If a person tests positive for monkeypox, he must isolate himself to avoid spread of virus to nearby people. In order to get isolated patient must strictly follow few guidelines or measures … Read more

How to Prevent Monkeypox Transmission in Healthcare settings: A Step-by-Step Guide

In order to prevent monkeypox transmission in hospital standard precautions must be in place however, If a patient is seeking treatment in any healthcare setting and suspects for monkeypox symptoms then along with standard precautions additional measures should be taken about how to prevent monkeypox transmission in hospital settings How to prevent monkeypox transmission if … Read more

Complete Guidelines: Collection of Monkeypox Specimen From Suspected Patient

During monkeypox outbreak Monkeypox Specimen collection is very important to avoid further spread of disease through laboratory personnel in the community by using standard protocols for monkeypox specimen collection and monkeypox specimen transportation. This article provides complete guide for monkeypox specimen collection from suspected monkeypox patient skin lesions according to standard laboratory procedures What Type … Read more

Monkeypox Diagnosis And Treatment: All You Need To Know About PCR Protocol

monkeypox diagnosis and treatment

Monkeypox diagnosis and treatment is critical in early detection of disease which is of prime importance while healthcare systems are trying to contain the disease and avoid further spread in the community due to wrong and false diagnosis. Monkeypox diagnosis and treatment in clinical settings is based on nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) using real-time … Read more

Monkeypox Symptoms, Comparative Analysis Seen with Covid-19 and Powerful Impact Found on AMR

horizontal gene transfer antibiotic resistance

Monkey pox virus is member of the genus Ortho poxvirus in the family Poxviridae, also known as mpox. Clade I and II are the virus’s two genetic subgroups. The World Health Organization proclaimed the monkey pox outbreak, also known as the mpox outbreak, a “public health emergency of international concern” on July 20, 2022. What … Read more

Discovery of Bacteria: 7 Great Scientists You Need to Know Who’s Amazing Work Contributed in Modern Bacteriology

modern bacteriology

Before discovery of bacteria, cause of outbreaks was not known which lead to death of millions. Afterwards work of many scientists contributed to find out the cause of various diseases and established their relation with the disease. They identified that bacteria is a unicellular, microscopic organisms which can be found in all environments including animal … Read more