6 Deadly Bacterial Pandemic (Bubonic Plague) in Human History You Need to Know


What does Bubonic plague mean? Bubonic plague was the most common type of pandemic during the bacterial plague pandemics. The name originated due to typical black sores appeared on whole body due to internal haemorrhages known as “buboes” Symptoms of bubonic plague were severe swelling in the groin and armpits (the lymph nodes), raging fever and … Read more

Antimicrobial Drugs or Antibiotics Discovery Timeline You Need to Know


Antibiotics Discovery Timeline is a long journey of antibiotic discovery. Antimicrobial drugs or antibiotics are important for treatment of deadly bacterial infections which caused catastrophic pandemics in history of human civilizations and left the scars on human history. After, facing deadly pandemics throughout history scientists discovered that the cause of deadly pandemics were microorganisms they … Read more